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Write press release
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Plan news milestones
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Unlimited press releases
Full access to PR planner
Manage media contacts
Include photography
Press release storage
Advanced admin features
Custom press release templates and distribution.

Affordable, easy to use PR tool kits. Built by PR experts and tested by startups and journalists.

Write collaboratively

Invite internal and external colleagues to review, comment and sign off your press release at any time.

Smooth approval process

One author collates all comments and makes any changes needed before securing sign off from all relevant parties.

Efficient writing

Write quickly and clearly by focusing your writing around the key facts needed in a press release. PingGo does all the formatting and prioritises the information you provide.

Edit and proof

Edit your press release until it is perfect and tells your story in your words.

Stay on message

Write consistent key messages carried through all your press releases to keep everyone in the company on message.

Hush, Hush

All your news is kept completely secure, confidential and locked up tight under embargo until you want to tell the world.

Find your angle

Choose the right news hook from a variety of press release templates and keep the news flowing.

Build relationships with journalists

Message journalists in real time – arrange interviews, provide photography or answer questions.

Your PR pal

We know how scary speaking to the press is. We know it’s hard to decide if a story is newsworthy. Hang tight. We’re here to keep you right.

Plan your news timeline

Add your news milestones for the next 12 months so that you keep your brand visible and the news flowing.

Hit deadlines

PingGo will alert you when a news deadline is coming up so you stay ahead of the game and get your story out there in the media or on your own channels.

Create media opportunities

Use our editorial calendar to identify local and national media events and trends.

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“PingGo made me write like a journalist. I didn’t have to think about structure. And the questions helped me to focus my key messages and tell a clear story.”

Loral Quinn, co-founder

Helping customers like Loral

Loral got Sustainably featured in The Scotsman, BQ and Charity Digital News. And also saw a massive boost in the numbers of people coming onto their website and signing up.

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