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“PingGo helped me to get over the initial reticence I felt talking about Findr. It asked me the difficult questions any journalist would ask.”

Alex Hewitt, Founder of Findr

Double page spread for first press release

Findr’s founder Alex Hewitt was soft launching the product in beta to trade and local business press. He wanted a press release to get the attention of local companies as well as freelance photographers.

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Whether you're starting out or scaling up, PingGo levels the PR playing field, giving you the tools to take you from PR novice to expert!


PingGo's ready-to-go templates pull all the elements of a great PR story into one place so your press release practically writes itself.

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Our smart machine-learning capabilities make sure your awesome press release gets to where it needs to go for maximum PR impact.

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Track your press release once it's shipped - see who's interested, who's ready to listen and how popular it's proving across the news desks that matter.

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Why PingGo?

Easy. PingGo helps you say the right thing to the right journalist at the right time.

Nail your angle

Choose the right news hook from a wide range of press release templates - and watch your news come to life.

Craft your copy

Write quickly and efficiently once you've chosen your angle. We even do the formatting for you.

Collaborate confidently

Invite internal and external colleagues to review, make comments and sign off your press release at any time.

Deliver to deadlines

Get alerted when a news deadline is looming so you're ahead of the game and shipping your story when it matters.

Get clever with contacts

Add your own black book of contacts - or buy recommended contacts direct from the PingGo dashboard.

Meet your match

PingGo matches your story with the right journalist at the right time to maximize visibility and give your story its best shot.

Streamline sharing

Interface with journalists in real-time via PingGo - arrange interviews, provide photography or fill in any gaps, effortlessly.

Build relationships with journalists

Message journalists in real time – arrange interviews, provide photography or answer questions.

Stay secure

All your news is kept completely secure, confidential and locked up tight under embargo until you're ready to tell the world.

PingGo is built by PR folk and crash tested by real journalists.

Our press release templates

Don’t waste time staring at a blank screen. Start writing straight away with our smart PR templates. PingGo gets you writing like a journalist.

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