Building a startup PR community

PingGo wants your startup to succeed. We know how difficult it is to explain to customers what you do. We understand that working with the media is scary.

We’re here to help. Use PingGo to make some noise and get people talking about you.

Our community

Built as a startup for startups we hope that over time PingGo becomes a community for entrepreneurs doing their own PR. We give you the tools and the knowledge to tell your story.

Sarah Lee, the founder of PingGo, has worked with tech startups in Edinburgh for 15 years. PingGo is the natural outcome of that experience and part of the evolution of communication in a digital age.

We want you to share.

PingGo dispels the mystique surrounding media relations by breaking it down into logical processes.

The founder of a startup is the person most passionate about that product or service. At launch, they are normally the person best placed to sell an idea with a genuine enthusiasm. Added to that, bloggers and journalists want to find the story themselves and speak directly to the entrepreneur.

Feel free to share PingGo with your fellow entrepreneurs. But come back and tell us how it went. We want to build a community of startups ready and willing to share their experiences and help others to grow their business.

We have created a home for the community at Let’s PingGo on Facebook — we would love you to join us there.

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