How PingGo can solve your PRoblems

The 24 hour news cycle never stops and that makes life in PingGo HQ a little hectic which means we have neglected our own comms lately!

But not to worry, here is a quick, in-depth refresher guide on what PingGo is all about and how it might just be the answer to all of your PR problems…

What is PingGo?
PingGo is a user-friendly, Do-It-Yourself PR tool that allows anybody to formulate their own press releases and make their own media contacts, no experience necessary.

For any fledgling startup, PR is essential to spreading the word and generating interest – building sufficient awareness during the early stages could mean life or death for any growing business.

However, particularly for small companies with limited cash, the cost of hiring professional PR services can be a difficult obstacle to get past.

On top of the lack of the necessary knowledge and experience, many companies simply won’t have the time to even attempt to manage their own PR needs in-house.

PingGo helps you to generate a press release all by yourself by asking a series of simple questions just as a journalist might ask, allowing you to articulate clearly your key messages and to explain just why the customer needs your business.

Taking the stress out of PR and giving anybody the ability to build their own list of media contacts going forward, PingGo is a disruptive new technology that will change the face of PR.

Who is PingGo?
PingGo is the brainchild of Sarah Lee, owner of Hot Tin Roof, a PR agency that specialises in working with digital startups.

With 20 years of experience in PR, marketing and internal communications for the public and private sector Sarah understands the needs of entrepreneurs and is creating a virtual PR agency that puts you in control of your PR from the start and as your company grows.

PingGo is available right now – sign up here for a 7-day free trial to see if it’s right for you!

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