"PingGo helped me cut down the waffle and focus on the pithy bits to grab a journo’s attention."

Steve Messer, Product Manager

Porism is a progressive software company located in Brixton, London.

Product Launch

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Planning ahead for PR

Porism’s Product Manager Steve Messer was getting ready to launch a new product when he spotted PingGo on Product Hunt.

Steve’s story: “When I saw PingGo pop up on Product Hunt – it was a case of – Oh YES. This has arrived at exactly the right moment. We had spent considerable time building Know My Neighbourhood and wanted to get as much PR as possible in the planning trade and local government press.

I had tried writing press releases in the past but always added too much information – PingGo helped me cut down the waffle and focus on the pithy bits to grab a journo’s attention.

I took PingGo’s questions and asked them to the team here. Once I got their answers back, I was able craft some sentences and plonk them back into PingGo, creating a decent press release.

When we got stuck the PingGo team were right on it. Talking us through the steps we needed to take to get our press release ready to send to the media.

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“One month later and I was back on Product Hunt with an UPDATE: This totally worked and we've got some press! Woooooo!”

Steve Messer, Product Manager


Steve got media coverage for Know your neighbourhood in trade press and the press release prompted Planning Aid England to interview Porism.

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